Driving Instructors - known as ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructor) are graded every 2 - 4 years depending upon how good they are.  This grading is known as a ‘Standards Check’.  ADIs are required to submit to standards check where a senior DVSA examiner sits in the back of the car and watches the instructor carry out a normal 60 minute lesson.
At the end of this lesson the instructor is graded against various competencies including such things as - Risk assessment, Teaching ability, knowledge, professionalism, the ability to select suitable routes that are applicable to the pupils level of capability.  I recently underwent my Standards Check and received a grade ‘A’. The top grade.  The grading is A, B, or fail.  The majority of instructors in the UK are grade B, only the best are grade A.  
So when selecting a driving instructor you should ask for their most recent grade from their standards check.  Remember a grade ‘B’ instructor may be charging just as much or more than a better grade ‘A’ instructor.  Don’t settle for less.  When you take your lessons with me you can be sure you are getting the highest quality tuition and the best value for money.

standards check form