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Lee’s Driver Training is always looking to stay ahead of the pack and to offer my customers more.  That’s why I have introduced my customer satisfaction guarantee for all qualifying pupils.*

One - Quality Lesson money back guarantee.  Lee's Driver Training guarantees that unlike some other driving schools you will never just drive around aimlessly on your lessons wasting your time and money.  You will always either learn a new topic or practise an already introduced topic that needs more practice.  If  you feel that you have just driven around wasting your time, you will be entitled to your lesson fee back.*

Two - As long as you complete at least 40 hours of driving tuition with me, you will be entitled to a FREE 90 minute refresher lesson up to 2 years after you pass your driving test.  So if you forget how to parallel or bay park, or need a reminder with hill starts, you can call me and claim your FREE 90 minute refresher lesson.
These are just 2 excellent reasons why you should learn to drive with Lee’s Driver Training - Quality Maidstone driving lessons for less!

Please note that the above guarantees are subject to terms and conditions - these are provided below.

Terms & Conditions

Part One
1. Lee’s Driver Training guarantees that you will always learn a new topic each lesson, or work on an already introduced topic to practise a certain skill or procedure that needs additional work.  We will not just drive aimlessly around wasting your time and money.
2. Should the pupil believe that we have just driven around aimlessly, they may request their lesson fee back for that particular lesson.  Where the lesson has been paid for as part of a package or block booking, ONLY the lesson in question will be refunded, and at the price it was paid for.  If it was part of a discounted offer, then the refund will be worked out accordingly.
3. The refund will be paid out through PayPal ONLY if the customer does not have a PayPal account, they will need to register for one to receive the refund.  The refund will be issued within seven (7) days.
4. Where a customer wishes to request a refund, they MUST mention this whilst they are still in the car at the end of the lesson in question and present their case for a refund.  Once a pupil has left the vehicle at the end of a lesson, NO refund requests will be accepted for that lesson.  This is to prevent coercion from parents or friends putting the pupil up to trying to get their money back when there is no real cause for it.
5. If a pupil requests a refund and Lee’s Driver Training believes the pupil is just trying their luck to get money back, when clearly a new topic has been covered in the lesson, or practise of an already introduced topic has taken place, Lee’s Driver Training has the right to refuse the refund and immediately withdraw all future services from the pupil.  In this case the pupil will need to seek a new driving instructor with immediate effect.  This guarantee is to give pupils peace of mind about the quality of the training they are receiving, not an opportunity to “try it on”.
6. Final lessons that are leading up to a driving test where we have completed the pupils training and are simply practising are excluded from this offer.  Also where a pupil is on an 40 minute taster lesson, or an assessment lesson after just joining me, or when a pupil is on a mock or official driving test are all excluded from this guarantee.

Part Two
7. Pupils that complete a minimum of 40 hours of training with me will be entitled to a FREE 90 minute refresher lesson to be taken up to 2 years (730 days - day 1 is the date the test is passed) after the pupil originally passed their driving test.  This can be used to refresh the pupil on any aspect of their driver training, so for example bay parking, hill starts, country driving, bad weather driving etc.
8. The pupil MUST still be in possession of a valid driving licence and not be disqualified from driving - a licence check will be necessary before the lesson commences.  The lesson will be conducted in the training vehicle belonging to Lee’s Drive Training.
9. The pupil MUST be in a fit and proper state to drive, so not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
10. Where Lee’s Driver Training has ceased to operate as a business, or where the pupil no longer lives in the area covered by Lee’s Driver Training, Lee’s Driver Training will have no liability to the former pupil and the benefits of this guarantee will end.  Where Lee’s Driver Training attends the pupils address to commence the FREE 90 minute refresher lesson, but the pupil fails to show up, the refresher lesson will become forfeit.
11. No monetary value can be given in exchange for these benefits as an alternative.
12. Lee’s Driver Training may withdraw or modify any or all of these guarantees/benefits at any time and without prior notice.  Under such circumstances where the guarantee is withdrawn neither Lee Doyle, or Lee’s Driver Training will have any further obligation or liability towards the current/former pupil whatsoever.