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Quality Maidstone Driving Lessons For Less


Buy Driving Lessons Using Bitcoin

And Save Money On Your Driving Lessons

According to the DVSA - the people who set the UK driving test - on average it takes a complete beginner (someone with no driving experience) around 47 driving lessons to reach test pass standard.  Of course this will depend upon the person.

But using this figure as an average look at the table below and see how much money you could save by purchasing your lessons in Bitcoin instead of normal Pounds Sterling.


Lee's Driver Training


Lee's Driver Training

Pay In Advance

Lee's Driver Training

Pay As You Go

UK Average of 47 Lessons for a complete beginner

Total £874.50

Equivalent of £19.50 a lesson

Total £951

Total £1041

Explaining The Figures

This table assumes the following:-

Each of the three payment options assumes 47 lessons taken in line with the UK average for beginners.  The first 5 hours would be my “First 5 Hours For £75” Introductory Offer paid in cash or with credit or debit card.  

Bitcoin - After the 5 introductory hours at £75, for Bitcoin you would then receive a 60 minute lesson free simply for purchasing a lesson in Bitcoin, then you would have 41 further 60 minute lessons paid weekly in Bitcoin at the equivalent rate of £19.50 per lesson.  The Bitcoin lesson price is the same regardless of when you take the lessons, day times, evenings, or weekends.

Pay In Advance - After the 5 introductory hours at £75 you would then have a further 42 lessons paid using my Pay In Advance block payment options.  This calculation consists of 2 x £415 (20 Hours ) making 40 hours.  Then a final 2 hours paid at £23. This calculation assumes the lessons are taken weekday daytimes.

Pay As You Go -  After the 5 introductory hours at £75 you would have a further 42 hours paid at £23 each weekday day time prices.

Although this price comparison assumes an average of 47 lessons - you may actually take more, or less than this depending upon the person.  Either way you can make a considerable saving by paying for your lessons in Bitcoin over regular Pounds Sterling.

Why Am I Pushing Bitcoin And Providing Discounted Lessons When Paying In Bitcoin?

This is a good and reasonable question.  As you may know each year prices seem to go up.  From driving lessons, to food, to holidays and mobile phone bills.  This isn’t because companies are getting greedy and want more money - although in some cases there is some profiteering involved.  However the main reason that prices go up is because of Inflation.  

Inflation is a horrible economic word which most of us don’t really understand.  But essentially  what inflation is, is that as the government prints more money , or devalues the currency, the money in your pocket or bank account becomes worth less than it was before.  So although the figures of total money in your bank account looks exactly the same, it actually isn’t worth quite as much, and so its purchasing power reduces  - it doesn’t buy as much as it did before!  This is the same for all government backed money.  Incidentally government backed money is also called FIAT, or fiat money.

Bitcoin is different.  Bitcoin is a deflationary currency.  Because it is limited by complex mathematical and cryptographic equations, the supply is finite - like real physical gold, and unlike paper government money.  This means that over time, as less and less Bitcoin is produced (or mined as it is technically called) the value of it increases.  If you are interested you can do a search on the Internet and see how the Bitcoin price has increased almost with each year that passes.

This means that if I charge you the equivalent of £19.50 a lesson in Bitcoin, by the end of the month or possibly over the course of several months, this same amount may now be worth £25 or more.  This therefore enables me to charge you less in Bitcoin, and still ensure that on the whole I will make money in the long run.

Of course there is a lot more to it than what this little article can explain, so if you wanted to know more you should search on the Internet - but this explanation is sufficient for our purposes.

Click Here to find out more about Bitcoin