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Quality Maidstone Driving Lessons For Less


Truth About Bitcoin


In the UK it is NOT illegal to use, buy or spend Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

Around mid 2017 a number of voices from the political and financial establishment such as Jamie Dimon (the CEO of JP Morgan in the US) have started to publicly smear Bitcoin and other crytocurrencies.  They have said it is a fraud or that only criminals use it.  All of this is an attempt to scare the average man and woman away from it.  So why are they doing it?

The fact of the matter is crime and criminality have been in the world since the year dot.  Ever since there have been rules and laws there have been people willing to break them - or simply not recognise them.  Crime has not been introduced with the advent of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.  In fact, the number one currency used for crime is the US Dollar.  Unlike what some people think Bitcoin is not anonymous.  Using the public ledger (called the blockchain) anyone can see the transactions being made so authorities are able in most cases to track those with ill intent using cyrptocurrency.

For this reason most criminals tend to prefer cash.  Yet there seems to be no rallying cry to ban cash or the US Dollar.  So it seems the establishment isn’t really concerned about crime or else they would want to also ban the US Dollar, the Euro, the Pound etc.  What this is all about is control.

When you transact using normal national currency such as the British Pound (known as fiat) this money remains in the financial system and both banks and government can control it.  Most of all it means that the banking system can cream off a percentage for each transaction you make, whether that be in the way of credit card fees, overdraft fees, bank account fees or even merchant fees that every business has to pay to accept payments from customers by debit or credit card.

So by using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency this takes the transactions outside of the establishment banking system which stops them being able to make money from you and also reduces the amount of control the banks have over you and your money.  Did you know that banks can freeze your bank account without warning if they have any suspicion about how you are using your bank account or they don’t approve of where you are spending your money?  Did you know that when you deposit money into a bank account it is no longer yours but the banks?

Lee’s Driver Training believes that people should be free to transact in whatever currency is convenient and preferred.  If a customer wished to pay me in kind by buying me fish and chips every lesson - as long as I agreed to that - then we should be able to do so without the banking system or government getting involved.  The same goes for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Lee’s Driver Training does not engage in any criminal activity and I pay my taxes like everyone else does.