Buy Your Maidstone Driving Lessons Using Bitcoin or Dash

As far as I know, Lee’s Driver Training is the first and ONLY driving school in Maidstone (possibly the UK) to accept Bitcoin and Dash digital currencies as a payment method for your driving lessons.  This means that for those who use the Bitcoin or Dash digital currencies you now have a choice of paying for your lessons in regular cash, debit or credit card, or with your Bitcoin or Dash balance. 



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*For terms and conditions of offer - see below.

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Not Yet Joined The Digital Money Revolution?

Buy your first bitcoin from as little as £10.00 in 3 easy steps

1. Sign Up - create an account with a bitcoin exchange such as or (think of it as a bitcoin bank account where you buy bitcoins)*
2. Verify Your Identity - upload a photo of your bank statement or drivers licence to prevent fraud, the same with opening a regular bank account, or credit card account.
3. Pay With Your Card - Purchase your first bitcoins in seconds with your 3D secured debit or credit card. Buy as little as £10.00's worth!


You can now buy Bitcoin directly from Lee's Driver Training easily without fuss for just a low 3% fee.  Click here for details.

Whether you are an existing, or new customer, to pay for your lessons in Bitcoin / Dash just speak to me in the car, or state that you wish to pay in Bitcoin / Dash when you call me.
Bitcoin / Dash payments will be taken in person in car if you have a Bitcoin / Dash smartphone Wallet.  Or prior to the lesson over the internet if your wallet is on your computer.

Join The Digital Money Revolution Today With Lee’s Driver Training

To find out more about Bitcoin and Dash visit - - -

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work? - Disclaimer - and Terms and Conditions of Offer*

Apart from using Bitcoin / Dash digital currency - Lee’s Driver Training has no links with the Bitcoin Foundation, or the Bitcoin / Dash digital currency. Lee’s Driver Training does not sponsor, endorse or specifically recomment or any other Bitcoin / Dash currency exchange, and is not sponsored or endorsed by any Bitcoin / Dash business or organisation.  The use of Bitcoin / Dash or any digital currency is at the users own discretion and risk.  Lee’s Driver Training does not accept any liability for any potential loss suffered by individuals who wish to use any digital currency.

1. Current GBP (Great British Pound) to Bitcoin / Dash exchange rate will be used daily to determine prices.  
2. Prices will be calculated daily using a relevant digital currency exchange website/App to determine the correct amount in Bitcoin/Dash to be charged for the purchase.
3. Refunds are not normally provided - in accordance with my terms and conditions of business -  however, any refunds that may become due will be refunded entirely in Bitcoin / Dash using the current Bitcoin / Dash exchange rate to GBP on the day of the refund. The amount to be refunded will be my GBP prices converted to Bitcoin / Dash at the current exchange rate on the date and time of the refund, and then a refund issued in Bitcoin or Dash.
4. Although Bitcoin and Dash are not “legal tender” (in the same way a gift card from Amazon or iTunes or Tesco are not legal tender)  all my services are subject to terms and conditions, and any payments made in Bitcoin or Dash will be honoured and treated for the purposes of law and tax as though the customer had paid in cash.
5. By paying for your lessons using Bitcoin / Dash, the protections that normally protect consumers when paying by debit or credit cards do not apply.  However, Lee’s Driver Training has been trading for almost 8 years and will honour all payments made in Bitcoin / Dash.  You are reminded that these same protections are also not afforded when paying in cash or by BACS bank transfer either.
6. This entire offer, and the ability to pay for your lessons in Bitcoin /Dash may be withdrawn at any time and without prior notice.  By paying for my services using Bitcoin or Dash the Client understands and accepts these terms and conditions, in addition to my standard terms and conditions of business.