This page contains all pupil announcements by Lee’s Driver Training

29/10/2018 – Xmas Opening Hours

With November on our doorstep and Xmas just around the corner, it is now time to publish my Xmas 2018-2019 holiday opening hours.

Friday 14th December 2018 – Open As Usual

Saturday 15th December 2018 – Open As Usual – Last day open

Monday 17th December 2018 – CLOSED For Xmas

Through To…

Tuesday 1st January 2019 – CLOSED

Wednesday 2nd January 2019 – Open As Usual


18/09/2018 – Annual Price Increase

With the rising of inflation and no price increase for the last 18 months or so and the average driving lesson price in Maidstone now at  £26 – £28 an hour, it is regrettably time for a price increase.

The new prices listed below (as well as on the main price page of my website) are effective immediately for new pupils joining Lee’s Driver Training on or after 18th September 2018.  For current pupils (anyone already taking lessons with me or signed up to take lessons with me prior to the 21st September 2018) this price increase will be delayed until 1st April 2019.  This means if you are still taking lessons with me on or after the 1st April 2019 the new prices will apply.

Lesson Type Daytime

Mon – Fri

11:00 – 15:59


Mon – Fri

16:00 – 19:00


All Day

11:00 – 17:30

60 Minute £24.00 £25.00 £25.00
90 Minute £34.00 £36.00 £36.00
5 Hours £115.00 At all times
10 Hours £220.00 At all times

In accordance with my terms and conditions of business (as found here) Lee’s Driver Training has the right to increase lesson prices from time to time with 30 days notice.  If you are a current pupil of mine and DO NOT wish to accept this price increase, simply ensure that you cease taking lessons with me BEFORE the 1st of April 2019 – either by passing your test, or by finding another driving school.  If you are a current pupil and you accept this lesson price change you need take no further action.

Once again with the average lesson price in Maidstone now at £26 hour, I think you can see that Lee’s Driver Training still offers great value for money.  If you have any questions about this price increase feel free to discuss this with me personally.


15/04/2018 – Lesson Cancellation Policy Amendment Effective from 15th May 2018.

I am going to be making a change to my lesson cancellation policy by amending my terms and conditions effective 30 days from the date shown above.

Although most of my pupils are committed to lessons and turn up regularly, regrettably I have a handful of pupils who seem to be cancelling on a regular basis at least once or twice a month. Driving lessons is a commitment and requires regular practise to make progress. Where lessons are conducted in a disjointed manner experience proves that it will end up taking longer and be more expensive for the pupil  in the long run to reach test pass standard than average.

My current cancellation policy allows pupils to cancel on the day of a lesson (as long as they provide at least 60 minutes notice) before the appointment without incurring a charge – this assuming it is the first late notice cancellation that calendar month. Almost every other driving school that I know requires a minimum of 48 hours notice, if this is not given then the full lesson charge will be required. I try to be fairer and more flexible with my pupils, but I am starting to feel that my generosity and good will is being taking advantage of by some.

I have decided that to try and kerb some of the late notice cancellations I have been experiencing (which affect my income and affect diary efficiency) I am going to change the pupil cancellation policy so that pupils who have a record of cancelling late will now be charged for cancelling on the day. Pupils who do not regularly cancel lessons late will not be charged.

See below for details:-

New Pupil Cancellation policy Effective from 15th May 2018

Where a pupil cancels :-

• With less than 60 minutes notice before an appointment a £15 charge will be due (unless an it is an emergency – documentary evidence will be required of the emergency)

• Cancellation on the day of the lesson but still more than 60 minutes notice given before appointment – If the pupil has already cancelled late (on the day of a lesson) at any time this current calendar month, or has cancelled late the previous calendar month – then a £15 late notice cancellation charge will be due. If the pupil has not already cancelled late this calendar month, or the previous calendar month – then no charge is due.

• Cancellation with 24 hours notice or more – no charge due.

I hope you can see that this policy change will reward those who do not cancel lessons on a regular basis, but those who tend to cancel with late notice on a regular basis will now incur a charge which I believe is fairer. Although I do accept that sometimes there is a genuine need to cancel late, this shouldn’t be happening on a regular basis.

I will therefore be keeping a record of all lesson cancellations but will be resetting everyone to “zero” meaning that I will start keeping this record as from the effective date show above.
To accept this change to the terms and conditions you need to take no further action. Should you not agree to this change, you need to cease taking lessons before the effective date shown above. If you continue to take lessons on or after the date above then the change will become effective.


07/01/2018 –   Flu Season, Sickness and Driving Lessons
According to various sources – including the NHS – we have been warned that the 2018 flu season will be particularly bad.  Hospitals are already overwhelmed and struggling to cope with the demand.  Because of this and to try and limit the exposure to pupils and myself, I am going to request that over the months of January, February and March if you as a pupil are unwell in any way (having a cold or flu, or flu type symptoms) please CANCEL your driving lesson for the week or two as is needed.
Although the vast majority of pupils enjoy their lessons and cannot wait for their next lesson we must understand that driving lessons are not essential in your daily life – particularly when you are unwell.  This will help to ensure that I am not aiding in the spreading of sickness and flu bugs which I am sure you will all appreciate.
Please be aware that the normal lesson cancellation notice period still applies to avoid a late notice cancellation charge.


07/01/2018 –   New Payment Methods Added
Great news!  As of 15th January 2018 Lee’s Driver Training is making it even more convenient to pay for your driving lessons.  I will now be able to accept Android and Apple Pay using your mobile phones, as well as debit and credit card “tap” pay.
This doesn’t effect all other currently accepted payment methods such as Cash, normal debit or credit card or Dash – digital cash cryptocurrency.  For further details you can speak to me in person.


16/12/2017 – Winter Weather Policy

As we move closer towards the winter and the possibility of snow and ice it is once again time to inform pupils of Lee’s Driver Training’s policy on bad/winter weather and how it affects driving lessons.

It should be obvious but the safety of pupils, other road users and preventing damage to my vehicle are the number one priority at all times this includes lessons in winter weather.  When the weather is bad – either because snow or ice is already on the ground, or where bad weather is forecast – Lee’s Driver Training will take a number of factors into consideration:-

  1. How bad are the conditions?  Is it light snow or a blizzard?
  2. What is the current skill level of the pupil?  Are pupils that are booked in that day beginners, intermediate level, or at test standard?
  3. How far do I have to travel to reach a pupil – do they live up or down a hill or in the country?  Is there a possibility that I or the pupil will become stranded?
  4. Time of day of the lesson?  In general when the weather is bad (snow and ice) Lee’s Driver Training – for the benefit of all involved – does not conduct lessons in bad weather after 4:30pm.

As weather can change very quickly Lee’s Driver Training will make ongoing assessments throughout the day.  If after considering the four factors outlined above If I consider it unsafe or unwise to proceed with lessons during bad weather I will normally send an individual or system wide text message to inform pupils of cancellation.  Please remember that in accordance with my terms and conditions when the weather is bad – especially as it can change quickly – Lee’s Driver Training may cancel lessons at whatever notice period including short notice right up to the moment the lesson is supposed to begin.  If this happens regrettably no good will discount will be due for the cancellation. I will try to give pupils adequate notice, but pupils must remember that things can change quickly and so plans may have to be changed.

Pick Up & Drop Off During Bad Weather

Should lessons proceed during bad weather it may be necessary to change pick up and drop off locations.  Even if normally I have agreed with a pupil to pick them up at one location and then drop them off at another at the end of the lesson – such as pick up from school and then drop off at home afterwards – this may need to be changed or withdrawn.  Again where possible, Lee’s Driver Training will attempt to provide as much notice as reasonable where I need to cancel lessons.  But during bad weather it is vitally important that pupil’s have backup travel plans so that if I have to cancel lessons they are not left stranded at a location from which I may have previously agreed to pick them up or drop them off at.

Finally I hope this bad weather policy is clear but if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me in person, or via the usual methods.


03/12/2017 – Terms & Conditions Amendment

Dear Pupils,

From 3rd January 2018 my terms and conditions will be amended to make the following changes. Please read through the changes below and if you do not agree with the amended terms please let me know before 3rd January 2018. To accept the changes you need take no further action and the changes will apply to you once you begin or continue with lessons on or after the 3rd January 2018.


  1. Late notice cancellation/no show charge is rising from £10.00 to £15.00 for pupils and for Lee’s Driver Training
  2. To increase diary efficiency cancellation by Lee’s Driver Training will no longer provide a good will discount of £15.00 unless the cancellation notice is less than 60 minutes before your appointment.


1. As you all know each year due to inflation prices go up. I have kept my late notice cancellation fee at £10 for around five years now. This fee is supposed to be both a deterrent to make people think twice about cancelling lessons or not showing up, or to help them remember to provide the necessary notice if they genuinely cannot make an appointment. But also to act as small compensation for the loss of my fee for the lesson should I lose the lesson income for a late notice cancellation.

To keep up with inflation this fee is rising to £15.00 from 3rd January 2018. It should be pointed out that as far as I am aware, no other driving schools have this system. Every other driving school that I know of requires the pupil to provide 48 hours notice if they wish to cancel. They also then charge the full price of the cancelled lesson. As you can imagine £15 for late notice is more reasonable than the full lesson price. This means Lee’s Driver Training is still better value and fairer than my competitors.

2. To help improve my diary efficiency and for business operational reasons, Lee’s Driver Training will no longer provide a good will discount of £15.00 unless the notice provided is less than 60 minutes before your lesson appointment. For newer pupils this is already in place, but for some pupils who have been with me a while, you will now be brought onto the new updated system.

When I cancel an appointment on a pupil although this is no doubt disappointing, it is more than likely just one hour out of your day and so it has less effect on a pupil than when a pupil cancels on me. Not to mention that if you pay for your lessons on a PAYG basis you will also save the lesson fee for that day.  When a pupil cancels an appointment on me this not only affects my diary efficiency but it also affects my income. Having sufficient notice allows for the possibility that I am able to get another pupil in the cancelled lesson spot so my income is not affected. How would you feel if you were to lose up to £100 a month from your monthly income?  It only take 5 people to cancel on me in a month for me to lose over £100 from my income that month – I am sure you would agree that is a lot!

If your Dentist or Doctor or Hair Dresser cancels an appointment on you the day of your appointment, you don’t expect to get a discount or be compensated for the cancellation.  Again it should be pointed out that other driving schools in Maidstone do not provide any compensation or good will discounts when lesson appointments are cancelled. You only have to read the terms and conditions on the websites of a hand full of other driving schools to see that they reserve the right to cancel at short notice without any compensation. Once again this makes Lee’s Driver Training unique and more ethical and fairer in my opinion.


Finally it is hoped that pupils will understand the need for these changes and see that Lee’s Driver Training still provides great value for money and is more ethical than the majority of other driving schools in Maidstone.  But should you not agree to these changes pupils have the right to move to another driving school.

For details you can check out my full terms and conditions here