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Lee’s Driver Training guarantees to abide by the following professional standards to give you peace of mind and to ensure you have an enjoyable experience whilst undertaking driving lessons with me.


  1. To behave in a professional manner towards clients and treat them with respect.  This means not shouting at a client if they do something wrong.
  2. Not to discriminate or refuse to provide tuition services based on race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation*
  3. Only use a mobile phone during lessons to deal with prospective customers or enquiries in a legal way via a bluetooth handsfree device.  The client will be asked to pull over during any calls. Any time taken to deal with the call will be made up to the client so they don’t miss out.
  4. To protect any personal information obtained about a client and to comply with GDPR.
  5. To avoid any inappropriate physical contact with clients. Also ensuring not to meet clients in a social setting outside of lessons whilst they are undertaking driving tuition.
  6. Ensure that any promotional material or advertising is correct, not misleading and any claims made can be backed up.
  7. To ensure that clients are made aware of the terms and conditions that govern our contractual agreement for driving tuition services either before or at the end of the client’s first lesson.
  8. To ensure that any payments made in advance for lessons not yet taken will be honoured – subject to clients remaining in compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
  9. Make all pricing for lessons and other services such as car hire for the driving test available to clients in a clear way.
  10. To regularly record the client’s progress so the client understands what has been achieved and what is still to be completed before reaching test pass standard.
  11. Ensure that clients understand that the driving test is a private contractual arrangement between themselves and the DVSA – that they may take the test at any time if they provide their own vehicle, but the ADI will not allow the driving tuition vehicle to be used for a practical driving test until the complete learning syllabus has been mastered and a mock test has been passed with a satisfactory score in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
  12. To ensure that clients are aware of our lesson cancellation policy and how it applies to both instructor and client and any fees or charges that will be made or discounts provided for insufficient notice of cancellation.
  13. To ensure to the best of our ability that the tuition vehicle used meets legal road standards and is safe to use including being fitted with dual controls
  14. Any complaints that are made are dealt with promptly and fairly inline with the terms and conditions of the contract – which will be used as the basis to deal with any dispute.
  15. To operate the business in a manner that complies with and adheres to the terms and conditions of business and best practise, that clients accept when beginning tuition services so that clients will always be aware of where they stand.


  • Driving tuition services are offered subject to terms and conditions.  Lee’s Driver Training does reserve the right to refuse to provide tuition services at its sole discretion for any reason not related to the forms of discrimination listed above.  Lessons are conducted in the English language only and Lee’s Driver Training reserves the right to refuse to offer tuition services to clients that are unable to communicate effectively in “conversational level English” as judged solely by the instructor.