You Can Now Buy Bitcoin Through Lee’s Driver Training

Great News, you can now buy Bitcoin directly with Lee’s Driver Training.

After receiving a query from one of my customers about how to buy Bitcoin, and it sounding confusing and a bit of a hassle I looked into making this process simple.  As long as you are customer of Lee’s Driver Training you can now buy Bitcoin directly from me.

No need to sign up to a Bitcoin exchange.   No need to register or provide any documents or ID.  Simply buy up to £200’s worth of Bitcoin at a time with cash or bank transfer.  No expensive exchange fees, just a low 3% fee.

Buy anything from £10 to £200’s worth.  £10 + 3% fee would cost you £10.30 in total.  £100 + 3% would cost you £103.00 in total.

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No More Facebook – I’ve Moved To Twitter

So Long Facebook, it was nice knowing you…well may be not!

I am moving to Twitter and using my own website as the official news sources for Lee’s Driver Training. So long Facebook

Regrettably after doing some research and reflecting upon my own experience using Facebook, and the general trend of the younger generation moving away from Facebook, and the now prominent “pay to play” attitude of Facebook for businesses, I have decided that I am going to be closing my Facebook page and terminating the account.

The purpose of originally setting up my Facebook page was to be able to keep in contact with my pupils and also to generate business on the social platform. However over the last few years the amount of my pupils who actually use Facebook has dwindled considerably, preferring new apps like Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp. Although I have almost 100 followers, the vast majority of these are either former pupils or people I have never heard of and who have never contacted me about lessons. Whilst I do appreciate that many former pupils are remaining connected to my Facebook page, this isn’t the main reason I set this page up. By far and away the biggest avenue for gaining new customers year on year is my website direct through Google search. This is where my efforts must be focused.

Even though I have almost 100 Facebook likes, the vast majority of these people never see any posts I make because Facebook wants to make money from businesses. They insist that you “boost the post” by paying them so that my updates appear in the feeds of my followers. This isn’t cost effective for small businesses and certainly not a good way to keep in touch with customers when most of them wont even see my posts, even though they have liked my page!

After doing research the best method to keep in touch with customers has been proven over and over again to be the simple humble email. Therefore I am now going to be publishing all my news directly on my own website on the news page. I will also be sending out an email here and there when I have something important to announce or news to share with my customers.

If you are not a customer of mine you can keep up to date with what Lee’s Driver Training is up to by visiting my website and in particular the News page.

I just want to say a big thank you to all former customers, friends, and anyone else who has liked my Facebook page over the years and for engaging with Lee’s Driver Training through the platform.

So, Lee’s Driver Training lives on, but my presence on Facebook regrettably doesn’t. I do have a Twitter account, and I will be using that, along with my website to make announcements to point people towards the news page of my website.

My Facebook page has now been deactivated.


Standards Check

Just to reassure my pupils. Recently I had my ADI Standards Check. This is something ADI’s (Driving Instructors) have to undergo every 4 years (if you are good), and every 2 if you are just at minimum standard.

A senior examiner sits in the back of the car and watches the instructor conduct a normal 60 minute lesson to assess your skills and quality of the tuition you are giving.

I passed with a grade ‘A’ result. You can be sure that when you train with me you are getting top quality tuition.
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standards check form
standards check form