Buy Bitcoin or Dash The Easy Way - No ID, No Hassles

Great News, you can now buy Bitcoin and Dash directly with Lee's Driver Training.  No need to sign up to a Bitcoin/Dash exchange.   No need to register or provide any documents or ID.  Simply buy up to £300's worth of Bitcoin or Dash at a time with cash or bank transfer.  No expensive exchange fees, just a low 3% fee.

Buy anything from £10 to £300's worth.  £10 + 3% fee would cost you £10.30 in total.  £100 + 3% would cost you £103.00 in total.


How To Buy Bitcoin or Dash With Lee's Driver Training?

Terms & Conditions

  1. You MUST be a current pupil of Lee's Driver Training.  Fortunately, due to Money Services Business regulations I am not required to register with HMRC as a MSB, as long as I do not offer this service to the general public.  I can only offer it to customers of my main business - which is driving instruction.  Once you cease to be a customer of Lee's Driver Training's main business, you will no longer be eligible to use this service.
  2. You must have a Bitcoin/Dash Wallet.  Whether this be on your smartphone, PC, or a web wallet. For simplicity this should be on your smartphone!
  3. You cannot buy more than £300's worth of Bitcoin or Dash in any calendar month.
  4. Bitcoin/Dash prices can change quite quickly, often increasing in value, but also decreasing in value.  This means that after you make your Bitcoin/Dash purchase the value of the Bitcoin/Dash may change.  You may end up with more value than you purchased, or less than what you purchased.  This is why Lee's Driver Training recommends that you always purchase slightly more Bitcoin/Dash than you think you may need, to cover any decreases in the price.  Lee's Driver Training accepts no responsibility or liability if after your purchase the Bitcoin/Dash price decreases and you end up with less fiat value than you originally purchased.  This is the nature of cryptocurrency and the customer accepts this by proceeding with a purchase.
  5. Bitcoin/Dash is a very different form of currency to regular fiat money.  Being digital currency there are certain risks associated with storing your Bitcoin/Dash balance.  It is your responsibility to read about and understand the nature of Bitcoin/Dash and to take adequate measures to secure your digital currency balance once purchased through Lee's Driver Training.  Neither Lee Doyle, nor Lee's Driver Training takes any liability whatsoever for loss of any Bitcoin/Dash that has failed to be properly secured by the customer.
  6. You can only pay for this service with cash or faster payment bank transfer. Card payment is NOT available for this service.
  7. The current Coinbase GBP (Great British Pound) to XBT (Bitcoin) exchange rate will be used at the time of the transaction for Bitcoin.  For this I will use the coinbase app to determine how much Bitcoin you will receive.
  8. Transfers will be final.  No refunds will be given.
  9. When you make a purchase in Bitcoin/Dash, although the transaction will show immediately in your Bitcoin wallet (assuming you have an active internet connection available on your smartphone), this balance will NOT be available to spend from anywhere between 2 minutes to an hour - this is simply due to the confirmation nature of the Bitcoin/Dash network and is outside my control.  Therefore if you are intending to purchase your lesson in Bitcoin you must already have a Bitcoin balance available with which to pay for the lesson at the beginning of the appointment. Dash payments usually clear within a matter of minutes.
  10. This Bitcoin/Dash purchasing service may be withdrawn temporarily, or permanently, and at any time and without prior notice.
  11. The fees charged for purchasing Bitcoin/Dash through Lee's Driver Training may need to be amended from time to time.  You will be provided notice before making a Bitcoin/Dash purchase so you can decide whether you wish to proceed with the transaction or not.
  12. These terms and conditions may be changed at any time without prior notice.  By continuing to use this Bitcoin/Dash buying service you will be agreeing to any amendments in full.

With the recent Pound declines and the uncertainty of BREXIT and the expected price rises that may come in 2017/2018, there has never been a better time to try out digital currency.

To find out more about Bitcoin/Dash - click here

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