Learners On Motorways From 4th June 2018

From 4th June 2018 learner drivers will be legally allowed on the motorways as long as they are accompanied by an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor – not a parent or relative)


Lee’s Driver Training will continue to offer motorway tuition as an option after pupils pass their test.  But will now also offer motorways lessons as an option prior to taking the driving test.  This will be at my discretion and based upon whether I feel the pupil is at a sufficient standard to go onto the motorways.

British drivers admit they don’t know what basic road signs mean

According to the Daily Mail British drivers admit that the don’t know what various road signs mean

According to the Daily Mail British drivers admit that the don’t know what various road signs mean.  This is quite worrying, but to be honest nor surprising at all.  The standard of driving in the UK is diabolical, with many drivers showing very little respect for other road users or the rules of the road, which are there to ensure we all have a safe journey wherever we may be going.

Brushing up on your driving skills – no matter how many years you have been driving – could quite literally save your life.

Lee’s Driver Training offers a Refresher package for qualified drivers who are interested in sharpening their driving skills to make them safer drivers.  Check out my Refresher Course found on my prices page



Monthly Competition Time – Win £15’s Worth of Amazon Vouchers!

Hi guys, it is competition time again.  Win £15’s worth of Amazon vouchers to be spent on anything Amazon offers.

All you have to do is answer the following Highway Code related question by sending me an email with the correct answer.  I will draw one of the correctly answered entries at random on the 20th March 2017.



According to the Highway Code driving when you are tired greatly increases your risk of collision. To minimise this risk when should you avoid undertaking long journeys?



  1. You MUST be a current paying pupil of mine to enter this competition.  Entries from non-pupils or former pupils will be discarded.
  2. You MUST send your entry via email to mail@lees-driver-training.co.uk before 8:00pm Monday 20th March.  Late entries or entries sent by any other means will be disqualified.
  3. Full details about this competition an the rules can be found here :- http://www.maidstonedrivinglessons.biz/competition

UPDATE – 20/03/2017 20:23

This competition is now closed – the winner is Bethany Tweedie – congratulations go to Bethany Tweedie who has just won a £15.00 Amazon gift voucher.

See Rule 91 in the Highway code for about driving when you are tired.

This competition received only two entries, next month I am going to raise the prize to £20’s worth of Amazon vouchers.  Keep watching my website for next months competition which will be posted on the 15th April – Good Luck!